Free download actiTIME Timesheet 2017

actiTIME Timesheet 2017


actiTIME suits businesses of any size: easy and user-friendly, but powerful enough to provide business owners & managers with all the data necessary for successful decision-making.

Track time with pleasure

With user-friendly actiTIME interface you can track time, register leaves and add comments in a weekly timesheet at the desk or on the go.

Deliver project on time & budget

Task estimates, deadline reminders and budget control notifications will help manage projects, keep costs under control and boost


Manage work effectively

Get a clear view on spent time and

money with detailed reports. Create highly productive team and run business better with actiTIME.

Effortless time-tracking employee timesheet

actiTIME helps you master time management and keep track of time. Enter your time with comments at the desk or on the go, using our easy-to-use mobile app.

Robust project management project management

Project management features empower you to organize project teams, meet planned deadlines and estimates and avoid chaotic work. Achieve your goals with a well-aligned process.

Flexible configuration time tracking configuration

To meet the needs of any company, we made actiTIME flexible and customizable. Set up your own work structure and turn off the functionality you don’t need for now, keeping the product as simple as possible.

Powerful reporting time tracking report

Analysis of collected data is crucial for making the right decisions – that’s why actiTIME employee timesheet offers you a variety of highly flexible reports. And our colorful charts visualize your progress.

Accurate billing and accounting billing

What’s more, actiTIME can also cover your accounting needs. Calculate amounts for billing and payroll, issue invoices to your customers, or export that data to QuickBooks.

Easy leave management leave management

Go on vacation, and let actiTIME do the rest. It supports any number of different leave types used in your company, and allows you to automate the calculation of leave balances of your team.


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