Music Theory Essentials Download bundle FREE

Music Theory Essentials FULL bundle

Product Description

This package includes the full Music Theory in a DayCourse

Chord Magic

This package includes the full Chord Magic Course

This package includes the full Melody Magic Course

Easy Music Theory

Learn the foundations of music theory with ease. Learn how notes go together with harmony and much more

Create Chord Progressions

Create dynamic chord progressions with this system

Master Magic Melodies

Make magic Melodies using our sure-fire system

Complete Your Compositions

Learn how to get past writer’s block and complete your songs with ease

Music Theory in a Day

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What’s Inside

Secret Chord Code System-Create ANY Chord

How to Create Chords by Shape

Major and Minor Scale Codes

Blues, Melodic Minor, and Harmonic Minor Scale Codes

How to Create Chord Progressions

How to Expand Chords

How to Create Melody

How to Write Full Songs

Bonus-Music Theory Essentials Preview Mini Course

Why Traditional Music Theory is so Complicated

What is a Chord?

What is a Melody?

What is a Chord Progression?

How to Make Long Chord Progressions

How to Write Melody from the Mind

How to Create Inspirational Chords

How to Make Interesting Bassline

How to Make Jazzy Chord Progressions

How to Create Melodies Using Chords

Circle of 5ths Simplified

Circle of 4ths Simplified

Writing Full Songs-Genres: Hip Hop, Rock, EDM, RnB

Chord Midi for Any DAW

Original course included for more detail

Scales and Scale Degrees

Song Structures

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