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Animal Flow 2.0 Video

Animal Flow 2.0 is the updated release of the instructional video for the incredibly popular fitness program. The Animal Flow video teaches you all of the introductory moves and then shows you how to put them together into Flows. This new edition includes improved instructions on 26 exercises and 20 sample Flows! Videos are provided as downloadable files and can be streamed on-line. The Flows are also provided as audio files with program creator Mike Fitch calling out the flow instructions, so you can listen with your headphones and practice your Flow in the park, at the gym, or even in your own living room! The program covers all six components of Animal Flow, including Wrist Mobilizations, Activations, Form Specific Stretches, Traveling Forms, Switches and Transitions, and, of course, Flows. No equipment needed – your body and gravity will do all the work.

You’ll learn all six components of Animal Flow:

Wrist Mobilizations include a range of simple exercises designed to increase the flexibility and strength of your wrists.

Activations are static holds we perform to connect the body before we start our practice. You’ll learn: Static Beast Hold, Static Crab Hold, and Limb Lifts.

Form Specific Stretches are full body stretches that start in an animal form and then move through a wide range of motion, increasing your mobility and flexibility throughout the entire body. You’ll learn: Ape Reach, Beast Reach, Crab Reach and Scorpion Reach.

Traveling Forms are full body conditioning exercises that mimic the movements of animals. You’ll learning the “ABCs” of animal movements: Ape, Beast and Crab.

Switches and Transitions are dynamic movements that we perform one after the other, creating the “flow” of Animal Flow. You can transfer from one form to another, or repeat the same one as a drill. You’ll learn several variations for Underswitches, Side Kickthroughs, Front Kickthroughs, and Scorpions.

Flow is where the real magic happens. You’ll combine the Animal Flow moves by linking them together in a fluid sequence, seamlessly transferring energy from one move to the next. We’ll show you 20 samples from beginner to intermediate level. And you’ll receive the audio downloads so you can follow along, taking your own practice wherever you want!

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