How to Use Your Digital Camera – Photography 101 DOWNLOAD

Photography 101: How to Use Your Digital Camera and Edit Photos in Photoshop

In order to create beautiful photos, you have to start with the fundamentals. Whether you want to take better pictures of your family or friends, pursue a new hobby, or are starting a new career as a photographer, mastering the basics of photography is essential to shooting quality photos. This 7 1/2 hour Fstoppers produced tutorial has been designed to teach you everything you need to know about using your digital camera and improving your images in Photoshop.

Included in this Digital Download:

Introduction to Cameras

Exposure Triangle

Exposing Your Camera in Manual

Cameras and Lenses

Metering Modes

Camera Modes and Exposure Compensation


White Balance

Raw vs Jpeg


Focal Length

Cameras and Filters

Introduction to Lighting


Shooting in the Field

Introduction to Photoshop with Pratik Naik

Post Processing Practice with Lee

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Enjoy it!


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