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Laravel is a PHP framework for constructing everything from small to enterprise-level applications. As you’ll find, it’s a joy to use, and just might make you enjoy writing PHP again. It’s that good.

While much of the development community is perfectly happy mocking PHP with the same tired insults, the reality is that the ecosystem has improved dramatically over the last half-decade. Today, PHP is a joy to use. Sure, it has its quirks, but so does every language. Level up your PHP chops with this Laracasts skill.

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Laravel Setup for Newbs

Laravel and Angular

Laravel 5 Preview: Commands

Laravel 5 Preview: Events

Laravel, PHPSpec, and Refactoring

Laravel 5 and Behat: BFFs

Laravel Passport

What’s New in Laravel 5.3 – Episode #13

Laravel Routing Best Practices

Laravel + Gulp

Laravel and CSStyle

Laravel 5 and Behat: Driving Authentication

Laravel and Redis

Real-time Laravel with – Episode #2

Laravel and Vue

The Vast World of Vue.js 0.12 – Episode #8

Laravel Sydney Meetup Interview

Laravel Elixir

What’s New in Laravel 5.0 (Alpha) – Episode #10

Laravel Valet is the Bomb

Laravel Test Helpers for Selenium

Whatcha Working On – Episode #1

Laravel and Integrated

Intuitive Integration Testing – Episode #2

Laravel Elixir Extension From Scratch

Painless Builds With Elixir – Episode #15

Laravel-Specific Mappings

Vim Mastery – Episode #13

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