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Animation Mentor Workshops FULL courses

1) Maya Workshop: Animation Basics

This workshop gives you an in-depth overview on how to navigate and learn Autodesk Maya to help you prepare for the Character Animation Program.

2) Game Animation Fundamentals

Learn basic game animation workflow techniques with Riot Games Animators, Skylar Surra, Shahbaaz Shah, and Warren Goff.

3) Game Animation Combat Attacks

Learn to animate combat attacks from Maya to Unreal Engine 4 with Telltale Games and Riot Games Animators, Skylar Surra and Shahbaaz Shah.

4)Storyboarding Fundamentals

Learn the basics of film narrative and how to tell a visual story with renowned cartoonist Mike Kunkel.

5)Cartoony Animation for 3D Animators

Loosen up your animation skills and learn the techniques on how to make your animation more cartoony with celebrated animator, Mark Oftedal.

6)Creature Animation: Locomotion

Get ready to learn the basics of how quadrupeds walk, run, and animate an emotional performance with our creature rigs.

7)Creature Animation: Fight or Flight

Take it to the next level with dragons and mechs and learn how to animate flight and fight sequences.

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