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The VBA Pro Course FULL – Excel Campus

The Step-by-Step System for Learning Macros & VBA to Automate Excel & Build Awesome Applications

Learning VBA has had a tremendous impact on my career and helped put me in high demand with employers and clients. VBA is the programming language that we use to write macros and automate Excel. It allows us to really harness the power of this awesome application.

The VBA Pro Course is an online course that will teach you how to use VBA to:

Save time with your job.

Eliminate boring repetitive tasks.

Take your career to the next level.

The VBA Pro Course is an online video course. This means you can watch the screencast videos any time you want, in the comfort of your own home or office.

The course is is divided into 11 training modules.

Each of these modules is comprised of 8-12 video lessons.

Each video lesson contains a short 5-10 minute video that helps you build your knowledge and skills.

You get 24/7 access to watch the videos from work, home, tablet, and smartphone.  Videos can also be downloaded to watch offline.

In total, you are getting over 10 hours of videos that will take you from beginner to pro. The short videos also make it easy to come back and re-watch a video on a specific topic to get a refresher.?

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Enjoy it!

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