Download articy draft 3 – full cracked – free 2018 update

articy:draft 3 by Nevigo

articy:draft is a visual environment for the creation and organization of game content. It unites specialized editors for many areas of content design in one coherent tool. All content can be exported into various formats, including XML and Microsoft Office.

Whatever you need for your game, you can build it with articy:draft‘s powerful template editor. Once you’ve created your templates, you can start filling your database with all your characters and items. Changing the template later on will automatically update all objects.

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The multi-user version has the same features as the single-user version, but projects are stored on an articy:server (hosted either by yourself on-site or by Nevigo). All users with a valid license can log on to the server and work on their projects simultaneously.

Also in articy:draft

Skill trees, tech trees, etc.

Design document editor

Asset management

Extensive collaboration features

Integration with Perforce & SVN

Super-flexible UI

Export to Excel® and Word®

Export to XPS (flow & locations)

In-app tutorial

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