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Runtastic PRO Premium 2017


Training Plans for your best performance

Different targeted Runtastic Training Plans are now available within your Results & Runtastic app. Bodyweight training, running a 10K, a half marathon or a marathon, losing weight,… whatever your goal, we’ve got a plan for that – so hop to it!

Routes: The world at your feet

Break new ground to switch up your training. Browse & flag routes near you or all around the world and save your favorite ones.

Interval Training to boost your runs

Whether you choose a predefined interval or create your own – you’ll soon outperform yourself & your friends.

Workouts & Exercises

Get in shape or keep fit with hundreds of instructional exercise videos (also for Apple TV & Chromecast!) and a wide variety of predefined workouts.

Free Runner’s World trial

Go Premium and get a free, three-month subscription of incredible content – choose between Runner’s World and Bicycling magazine!

Goals & Records: Celebrate your success

Set and reach personal goals and track and beat a wide variety of personal records.

Real Voice Coach

Receive feedback on your pace, distance covered, calories burned & more during and after your activities.

Listen to your body: Heart Rate Measurement

Set custom heart rate zones corresponding to your personal fitness level. Monitor your heart rate and maximize your training results by choosing the right speed and intensity.

Auto Pause stops when you do

Auto Pause knows when you stop and automatically pauses & resumes your activity.

Wofür du auch trainierst – für dich haben wir den richtigen Plan in der Runtastic App und Results App!

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Weekly Fitness Report

You’ll receive a personalized Weekly Fitness Report that summarizes the activities you have completed in the past 7 days & compares your stats to the previous week.

Story Running makes your training exciting

Choose from a variety of genres like Adventure, Travel, Weight Loss, Fantasy or Motivation, and discover new worlds while on the run.

Advanced Stats and Analysis

Receive detailed data analysis that helps you monitor progress & reach personal goals!

LIVE Tracking & Cheering

Send personal encouragement and custom messages within the Runtastic community (for those days when friends need an extra push)!

Daily Tips: 30 seconds of inspiration

Receive a variety of useful and motivational tips about weight loss, lifestyle and nutrition.

Instant motivation: Power Song

Push through those moments when you run out of energy with a motivational boost from your favorite song.

History Filters

Customize your dashboard and activity history by applying different filters for time frames, activity types, distance, duration & much more.

Colored Traces

Display your training routes in different color shades to visualize changes in pace, speed, elevation & slope.

Challenge your run and beat your best time

Want to know if you can do even better? Run against yourself and beat your time on a certain route. Just the motivation you need to set a new personal record!

Lass dich mit der Runtastic Premium-Mitgliedschaft motivieren.


Health and Nutrition Guide

Get in-depth insights & tips on all things health and nutrition-related to make the most of your training efforts.

Training Plans for your best performance

Targeted weight loss and bodyweight training plans support your efforts to lose weight or gain muscles.

Daily Tips

Lifestyle, weight loss, nutrition – you’ll be inspired every day.

Celebrate your success

Set calorie goals for your runs and make sure you burn that body fat. In no time, you’ll be breaking your own records and setting new personal bests!

Runtastic Premium-Mitgliedschaft


No ads

Enjoy a streamlined, ad-free experience with your Premium Membership!

Benefits everywhere

Benefit from numerous perks across all Runtastic products, from our Runtastic Running & Fitness app to Results, Sleep Better and Six Pack to Runtastic.com.

Premium support

With your Premium Membership, enjoy top-of-the-line support from our Community Management.

Our links are FULL tested , safe & secure and we guarantee best download speed.

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Enjoy it!

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