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PhiMatrix 1.618 Pro (Mac & Win)

PhiMatrix gives you a professional edge in any aspect of design. This page profiles some of the many uses for PhiMatrix in art, design, composition, understanding beauty, stock market analysis and more. PhiMatrix was inspired by Phi, the Golden Ratio, but its dozens of golden ratio-based templates can be customized to other ratios to add even more creative options.
From ancient architecture and Renaissance masterpieces to Apple’s leading edge template for iOS 7 icons, the golden ratio is the gold standard for design. PhiMatrix gives you dozens of ways to apply it in your own unique way, quickly and easily.

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PhiMatrix is inspired by the Golden Ratio. Its grids overlay any image on your screen to quickly and easily identify and apply golden ratio or custom proportions. Analyze and design in seconds. Not a plug-in, but a universal overlay, so you can use it on Windows or Mac with PhotoShop, Illustrator or any other software you use.
Phi, 1.618, known as the Golden Ratio, Golden Section or Divine proportion, appears throughout nature and has long been used by artists, architects, designers, engineers, musicians, photographers, sculptors, surgeons, stock analysts and many others to achieve excellence in their results.

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