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SceneCity 1.1 PRO

SceneCity is an easy to use city generator that automates the tedious tasks when creating 3d cities, while you keep the creative freedom to customize everything in your city. It is a Blender addon.

Generate entire seamless road networks in seconds using various placement algorithms
Automatically mass-place the buildings all around the streets, with correct rotations and positions
Control buildings density and size with distribution textures
Use your own road and building models

Included library of roads, buildings and props (New York style) to quickly get started making beautiful cities, or to mix with your own
Several buildings and roads instancing methods with different advantages depending on your needs: object instances, dupli verts, single mesh
Procedural buildings are unique in your cities, and complex-looking, perfect for prototyping, simple cities seen from far, or trying new ideas and styles, like futuristic cities
Easy to use with dedicated GUI nicely integrated into Blender’s
Works with SceneTerrain, let your cities blend naturally on the terrain features
100% pure Python addon that will work anywhere Blender does: Windows, Mac and Linux
Updated regularly with new features, content, and to stay up to date with Blender’s latest features
DRM-free, no activation needed, just download it and use it
Fully documented and fast customer support



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