Download Fé Fit Women’s Workout Program – HOW TO

Fé Fit Women’s Workout Program – All Skill Levels – 28 Workout Videos for Women – Includes NEW 21 Day Exercise Program

Each section includes 3 original workouts and 1 ‘Best of’ workout.

Total Body Tone your entire body: glutes, abs, arms, hips and legs. The workouts are fast paced, with high repetitions, putting your muscles to work.
Cardio Fat-blasting interval cardio sessions to rev up your metabolism, improve endurance and give you the slim physique you want.
Upper Body Using your bodyweight, hand weights and resistance bands, this workout sculpts your shoulders, chisels your arms and brings definition to your back and chest.
Lower Body Using weights in fast moving sets you’ll strengthen and slim your thighs and tone your glutes and calf muscles in no time.
Core Put the power back in your powerhouse. Standing and mat abs work strengthens your entire core and creates a flat, sexy stomach.
Barre Low impact workouts that offer high impact results. Sculpt your arms and tighten the stubborn areas around your hips and thighs with lunges, squats and isometric holds using a ballet barre or chair.
Stretch Release tension in your body and increase your flexibility with these fun workouts.

You get MORE than any other program. For less. The Essentials Kit includes: 28 workouts on 8 DVDs (that’s nearly 14 hours of workouts!), a 21 Day Calendar, a download of the Total Body Toning Guide and a User Guide – the map to plan your fitness journey. It also includes 6 Week Tracking Calendars for Weight Loss and Toning and 90 Day Calendars customized for working out 3, 4 or 5x a week. With the Deluxe Kit you get all of that PLUS: a Pilates Circle, Resistance Bands variety pack, Measuring Tape and Fé Fit Powered by Naturally Fit Customized Nutrition Plan

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