Darkroom Software PRO 9.2 full cracked 2018 update

Darkroom Software PRO 9.2

Adds the power of networking and built-in printer drivers providing a scalable photography business solution for large events, attractions, labs and high-volume studios.

Excellent for studios and event, sports, portrait and wedding photographers

Includes all features of Darkroom Core plus:
Print directly to the industry’s leading Printers and Mini Labs
Pro can act as a Server in multi-station client/server setup
Up to 30% faster with direct drivers
Create media rules for multiple printers, program to send specific print sizes, colors and products to specific printers
Archive and manage photos between computers
Configure multiple sales stations at events or sales kiosks for direct
Edit images on one machine, sell and publish on another
Easily upload and sell your photos online with PhotoReflect
Includes Raster Printer to create any size file in multiple formats
Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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Darkroom Software PRO 9.2
Darkroom Software PRO 9.2

NEW in Version 9.2
Some of the New Features in version 9.2 of Darkroom Core and Pro

New and Improved Green Screen
Green Screen Masking Tool (Video Tutorial)
Built in Print Driver in Pro and Core
Activation for Darkroom Core
Dynamic QR code generation
Live view for compatible Canon and Nikon Cameras
Windows 8.1 Support
View video highlights of new features in 9.2

Quickly import and organize any number of images from any camera, any source.

Tether to the industry’s best cameras
Built-in Greenscreen engine
Hot folder monitoring
Integrated wireless camera support
Supports DSLR LiveView for Canon cameras
Quickly import and organize any number of images from any camera, any source
Enhance, organize and manage with one software solution.

Retouching and Correction tools
One-click integration with Photoshop
Easily add borders, text, graphics
Create your own Borders or buy ready made
Easily build multiple image composites
On the fly duotone and grayscale conversion
Use catalogs to organize images, customers, events

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