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Anti-Executable Enterprise 2018 – Faronics

Faronics Anti-Executable Enterprise is an advanced security solution mainly intended for the corporate environment, which helps you manage multiple workstations from a centralized location. It can prevent unauthorized programs from being installed without the administrator’s consent, working alongside the deployed antivirus solution to safeguard all the monitored computers.

Centralized management of multiple workstations
Unlike Faronics Anti-Executable Standard, which is designed for a single PC, the Enterprise edition can be used for securing a large number of connected computers across a network. Thanks to the Faronics Core Console, the network administrator can remotely deploy the application and gain full control over the target system, imposing restrictions to the local user.

It can scan your network to discover all the endpoints or workgroups and manage LDAP connections. It can come in handy for organizing and scheduling tasks, running PC maintenance, getting alerts about issues that require attention and generating reports.

Build standardized security policies
Faronics Anti-Executable Enterprise can easily manage all software and system updates, while giving you the freedom to create multiple policies for each department. It can work with Active Directory to set up security strategies that only include trustworthy software developers, as well as analyze individual files to detect potential dangers before they reach the system.

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