KHow to Sing Better Than Anyone Else DOWNLOAD 2018 update

Ken Tamplin – How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else


Scared you won’t be able to learn?

Frustrated with your progress so far, with past singing coaches and courses?

Hang in there. We’re about to change that.

The Gold Bundle

What’s included?

1)The Main Course – i.e. – everything described at the top of this page

2)Pro access to the Singer’s Forum

3)The ProPacks

4) 3 hours of 1-on-1 coaching with Ken via Skype

50 genre-specific videos where Ken personally shows you (and talks about) how to sing just about every imaginable style of music.

55 “hands on” videos of Ken coaching & correcting his students during live sessions.

15 videos and 29 advanced audio workouts which help you to build your head voice and passagio.

13 videos showing you how to write your own songs

24 videos with cool singing licks & tricks

30 Karaoke tracks – with 60 accompanying tracks where Ken demonstrates with his own voice

PDFs with 100’s of pages worth of tips & contact information which will help you book venues, play for cruise lines, place songs in film & TV, and make a living as a pro singer


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(license/crack included)


Enjoy it!


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