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300 YTT Program with Jules Mitchell

Jules Mitchell’s 300 hour advanced teacher training is planned for  2018. It includes 2 required modules, homework during the time between modules, and an online component. Each 2-week module is hosted in a 6 bedroom luxury mansion in Las Vegas with a private pool and private chef. Meals, airport transfers, towels and linens all included. Content is heavy on biomechanics, pose analysis and purpose, use of props for specific adaptations, somatics for coordinative variability, applications of pain science, restorative yoga, and deliberate sequencing.

Jules appears as a guest teacher in teacher training programs worldwide, offering biomechanics and anatomy courses as advanced continuing education and for 300-hour and 200-hour YTTs. She also offers a weekend workshop series, exploring asana through a biomechanical lense.

Jules’ compassionate teaching style will help you make sense of it all as she discusses:

Pelvic tilt and tail bone cues

Knee positioning relative to ankle

The glutes and Bridge Pose

Misunderstood muscles like the upper trap and the psoas

A closer look at “tight” muscles

Mobility, stability, and flexibility

Difference between active, passive, and resisted ROM

The role of anthropometrics and morphology


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