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I added in four examples of Snowflake analyses of popular books and movies. (I’d like to thank my daughter Carolyn, who’s an English Literature major, for helping me write these four example Snowflakes.) They’re all included in Snowflake Pro:

Gone With the Wind

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pride and Prejudice

Here are some of the key things you get in Snowflake Pro:

An easy form to work through each of the key steps of the Snowflake method:

Your one-sentence storyline. This is your most powerful selling tool for selling your book.

Your one-paragraph summary. If somebody asks about your “Three-Act Structure,” this is it in one paragraph. Memorize it before you talk to editors or agents.

Your character key info. Each character’s storygoals, ambition, epiphany, and other crucial information. If you don’t understand your characters, odds are it’s because you haven’t asked yourself the right questions yet.

A one-page synopsis. Grow this naturally from your one-paragraph summary. This is your baseline for creating the synopsis you’ll need for your editor someday.

Character sketches. These are terrific for inserting straight into a proposal because editors love character-oriented fiction.

A four-page synopsis. Grow this out from your one-page synopsis. With this in hand, you’ll know all the important turns in your story.

Character bibles. This is where you save all those pesky details you need to write three-dimensional characters. Take care of the details and your characters will take care of you.

A scene list. You can get this rolling by importing one of your synopses, then tweak it so you have an overview of every scene in your novel. This makes rearranging scenes in your novel a breeze. Includes a word-count projection so you always can estimate how long your novel will be.

Scene details. Any stray information that you need for each scene goes here. Don’t lose that info! Put it where you can’t miss it.

Audio help on each stage of the Snowflake. If you’re an audio learner, this will help lock it into your memory.

Text help on each stage of the Snowflake. If you need to see the words, this is for you.

Four example Snowflakes to show you how it’s done:

Gone With The Wind

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pride and Prejudice



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