Download The Mixing Academy Complete (Bundle)

The Mixing Academy Complete (Bundle)

The mixing academy is a course dedicated to making the art of mixing easier for you to understand. We break down the concepts of mixing for you and teach you through video so that you understand the “why” of mixing. Lots of producers simply learn mixing techniques but they have no idea why it works. Well, this course shows you why. And learning the “why” will be critical in your skill as a mixer. Knowing “why” will open up tons of doors you may have over looked when mixing. This course is packed full of in-the-field mixing examples showing you how to approach a mix and dominate it with excellence.
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What’s Inside
Full How to Mix Beats Easily Course
Full Mixing Academy 1.0 Course
Full 808 Science Platinum Course
Full How to Mix Vocals Easily Course
But Wait, there’s more…
You also get the training below
2 Quick Mastering Techniques
2 Quick Tips on Making Your Drums Stick Out
3 Quick Tips on How to Mangle Your 808
Drake Vocal Sample FX
How to Make 808s Punchier
How to Make Drums Sounds More Powerful
How to Mix RnB Tracks
How to Mix Using Native Plugins in FL Studio 12
How to Mix a 4 Track Hip Hop Song
How to Tune Your Instruments
Kanye West Vocal FX
Kanye West Vocal Harmony
Mastering with Maximus
Mixing 808s
Mixing Instrumentals
Mixing Pop
Mixing Pop2 Pt 1
Mixing RnB Full
Mixing RnB Track 1
Mixing Vocal Chains
Mixing Vocals 3 Mixing Academy
Mixing Vocals Pitch Correction
Mixing Vocals Using Melodyne
Mixing Vocals-Pitch Correction
Mixing and Mastering
Mixing and Sound Design
Multiband Compression Mixing Academy
Plugin Exploration-Izotope 7 Mixing
Project Stems (Talk About It)
Tape Stop Effects


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