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How to Mix Vocals Easily

How to take the Mud out of your Vocal mixes to get a Clean Vocal which cuts through the mix like the top artists Kanye West, Drake, Future, Travis Scott, and More

This step-by-step vocal mixing guide can be applied to ANY DAW. You can use native plugins or even third party plugins

What’s Inside?

Learn How to Engineer Vocals like a Mixing Engineer Faster

In the first section of this course, we cover the fundamentals of mixing vocals. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT section of the course.

We explain the fundamentals and basics with much more depth than the average vocal mixing course in University.

We’ll explain Compression on Vocals, EQ hot spots, Vocal timing tricks, How to clean your vocal, How to use Autotune, How to get your vocal to stand out in a song.

These sound basic, but we add an in-depth perspective of each so you can take your mixing philosophy to a new level.

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Enjoy it!

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