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At Angle of Attack, our mission is to Create Awesome Aviators. We do this primarily by creating engaging, entertaining and educational video, audio and text tutorials for those wanting to learn how to fly.

You can not only learn to fly smaller aircraft, if you’re just starting out, but also get access to a vast library of knowledge to teach you how to handle the Big Boys- Jet Airliners.

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IFR, Multi-Engine, Communications and SO much more. With over 100 episodes, AviatorPro will take you much further than Aviator90 in becoming a more professional virtual/real pilot.


jet transition training for flight simulator

Transition from Pistons to Jets. Moving up to a jet is a completely different experience. You’ll need a whole new set of knowledge and procedures. (Coming Soon)


fly the pmdg 737ngx and 737ng with video training and flight training

Learn to fly the 737NG with over 32 hours of video. This is one of our largest, most rewarded, and most in-depth products.


fly the 777 with our flight training base on real pilot knowledge and experience

Learn to fly the 777, our latest and most advanced products. This 777 is second to none in quality. And, all in one of the most technologically advanced aircraft.

md-11 training for flight simulator

Learn to fly the MD-11, a cargo-haulin’ beast. You may not have a great desire to fly this bird that’s being phased out, but it’s a really unique and fun machine to fly.


747 training for flight simulator

Learn to fly the 747 Queen of the Skies. This is one of our legacy products, but still relevant. The 747 is such an iconic truly ‘heavy’ airliner that is a joy to fly.

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