FULL Portrait photography from A to Z download

Portrait photography from A to Z

This product is for those who really want their photos to be top sellers, to be unique and that really want to learn everything thats behind a portrait.

The “Portrait From A to Z” is devided in 5 sessions:

The fist session is a video that will show how a make up artist work and why a photographer should now everything about make up.

The second session is how a photographer chooses a dress for the location, know all the secrets behind the selections.

The Third session will show where and how to shoot, learn reading the light and the shadows.

The fourth session shows how to calibrate the camera good to get an excellent shot and learn what to look at in a location.

The fifth step is the editing, will show from A to Z the complete process of editing.

included in the pack:

Video 1 – The importance of make up

Video 2 – Choosing a dress

Video 3 – Locations

Video 4 – Shooting

Video 5 – Editing of 1 photo

Video 6 – Editing of 1 photo

BONUS – Editing video

Full portrait actions for photoshop.

Toning Action.

Infrablu action

Infrabrown action

Infrapink action

170+ Overlays ( leaf, snow, rain, petals, dust, feathers)

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Enjoy it!


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