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Cathe Friedrich’s Ripped with HiiT

9 Ripped With HiiT workouts on 7 DVDs. Ripped with HiiT combines 3 heavy weight workouts, 4 solid cardio based HiiT workouts, and 2 circuit Hiit workouts. Studies suggest that HiiT training is better at burning fat than other forms of cardio training. HiiT revs up your metabolism, increasing the rate your body consumes oxygen. The Ripped with HiiT series has been designed by fitness guru Cathe Friedrich to produce the maximum amount of results in as short of a time as she feels possible. While her goal for this series is to keep the workouts as time efficient as possible (most coming in at 47 minutes or less), the length of a workout is not nearly as important as the intensity of the workout. All workouts will feature premixes and you will have the option of even doing time saving single muscle group premixes with each of the upper body Lift it Hit it workouts. HiiT Circuit Upper Body is a high intensity circuit workout mixing weighted upper body exercises alng with popular HiiT training methods, compound & plyometrics to develop explosive strength. HiiT Circuit Lower Body is a lower body workout super-charged with cardio & strength to build lean, strong legs. A mix of traditional exercises along with plyometric exercises are used to develop power and explosive strength all while tightening and shaping the lower body. Lift It Hit It Chest, Triceps & Shoulders is an upper body workout focusing on exhausting the chest, triceps & shoulder muscles. Lift It Hit It Back, Biceps and Shoulders is an upper body strength workout focusing on back, biceps & shoulder muscles. Lift It HiiT It Legs is a lower body workout is based on a technique called contrast training. This method kickstarts muscle growth by shocking your muscles into recruiting additional high threshold muscle fibers. Low Impact HiiT contains 2 low impact HiiT routines. Plyo HiiT includes 2 workouts


This incredible set includes NINE workouts on SEVEN DVDs!

Intense, highly-effective advanced-level HiiT training designed and led by Cathe Friedrich

Ripped with HiiT combines three solid heavy weight workouts (on three separate DVDs), four solid cardio based HiiT workouts (on two DVDs), and two circuit Hiit workouts (on two DVDs)

Studies have shown that HiiT training is better at burning fat than other forms of cardiovascular training

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