Download The Master’s Hammer and Chisel (Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev)

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Base Kit with Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev

Building a strong, sculpted body doesn’t require hours spent working out-just an expert approach. And with The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, seasoned trainers Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese have compiled their best, most efficient techniques into 30- to 40-minute resistance-training workouts to help you craft a powerful, perfectly defined physique in just 60 days.

14 Hardcore Workouts on 6 DVDs

Hammer Plyometrics -This jump training workout will use your entire body to create force, speed, and power.
ISO Speed Hammer – A tempo training workout that uses speed and isometric holds to create strength and grow muscle.
Total Body Hammer – A hypertrophy workout focused on pyramid-style sets to maximize strength and muscle growth.
Max Hammer Strength – Start with a pre-fatigued muscle, finish with a maximum lift. Increase strength, power, and muscular development.
Hammer Power – This intense powerlifting-inspired workout will increase speed, reactive strength, and power.
Hammer Conditioning – A workout based on compound movements that will improve stability, coordination, and strength.
Chisel Balance – A total-body workout creating stabilization, muscular endurance, and core strength.
ISO Strength Chisel – An intense resistance workout using isometric holds and flexibility to increase strength.
Chisel Endurance – Increase muscular endurance and strength in this time-under-tension workout.
Chisel Cardio- This cardiovascular resistance routine will increase heart rate, circulation, and burn an intense amount of calories.
Chisel Agility – A challenging cardio workout that will help you move quickly, improve coordination, and create greater stabilization.
Total Body Chisel – This full-body resistance workout focuses on creating lean muscle and strength.
10 Min AB Hammer Workout – This intense powerlifting-inspired workout will increase speed, reactive strength, and power.
10 Min AB Chisel Workout – This core-crusher will transform your midsection, without ever getting on the floor.

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