Download Tribe Archipelago Signature Lightroom Presets – full collection

Tribe Archipelago Signature Lightroom Presets (FULL PACK)

Don + Helen Lr Presets
The fresh breeze of Tenerife Sea, the breathtaking sunsets on top of Gran Canaria, the endless white beach of Fuerteventura, the rugged landscape and fiery volcanoes of Lanzarote, the calming beauty of La Palma, the peaceful folks of La Gomera, and the rich underwater life in El Hierro… these are some of the things that enrich our photography, the way we see, and the way we feel. Don + Helen Presets are created out of our experience, our travels, and our adventures in the archipelago and other countries. They’re made especially for wedding, portrait, street, travel, landscape, and fashion photographers who are looking for that gorgeous, moody image.

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Loren X Chris Lr Presets

LXC 1: Soft tones and pale greens for an overall romantic look. A slight bump in pinks gives your images that whimsical feel. This preset works perfectly for most natural locations (forest, beach, desert, etc.). Though it’s not recommended for city/urban photography, it can still provide good results.
LXC 2: Rich browns and skin tones contrasting with subtle greens. A push of warmth in the shadows provides for a warm, woodsy look. This preset is highly recommended for forest portraiture, but it also works really well for most other applications.
LXC 3: Cool tones while maintaining rich warmer colors. An overall desaturated look with a pop in skin tones. This preset works beautifully in a variety of situations. Best to experiment and find how it works for you!
LXC 4: Warm and fuzzy. Rich tones throughout the spectrum with a heavy push of warmth in the shadows. This preset works beautifully in a variety of situations. Explore and experiment to make it your own.
LXC 5: Classic greyscale B&W with a push in detail and contrast. The push in detail makes for dramatic effect, especially in portraiture, but also works really well for most other applications.
LXC 6: Classic B&W with a heavy push in contrast. Bright skin tones allow you to easily bring focus to your subject. This preset works well for almost any application.

Ryan Longnecker Lr Presets
My presets are meant to focus on the color scheme that draws me in the most, and that which I’ve recently learned is scientifically proven to be one of the most pleasing to the human eye: amber and blue. I live near the ocean, and so not only do we have gorgeous blues and water, when the mist hits against the cliffs it spits up mist that mixes with sunset light and provides a golden glow that’s not really replicable through post processing. I’ve always tended towards a moodier edit rather than a really clean one, because I believe you should edit how an image feels and not how it looks. Among these five color presets, and the one B&W, you should be able to find one that works for you in a variety of scenarios and lighting. I’ve never cared much about trying to emulate film, so you’ll see a lot more contrast in my presets and less interest in the grain unless it pertains to the mood of the edit (like 03 and 05 B&W)



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